Mobile Artistry

Confession time. I was a snob. Ever since I got into photography, then photo artistry, I believed that only good images could be captured with a "real" camera (not a smartphone or tablet) and processing must be done on a desktop or laptop computer using Photoshop. My thinking has changed. Unfortunately, it took a personal crisis to bring me to this point. As the saying goes - God works in mysterious ways.

A few weeks ago I purchased an iPad Pro for the sole reason of creating art no matter where I am or what physical position I am in (sitting or laying down). There are two sizes to choose from - 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. When I researched the iPad Pro online, I thought the 12.9-inch model would be perfect with 512 GB of storage. Instead of just ordering it online I decided to go to the Apple Store and have a look. So glad I did! The 12.9-inch was too big for my purposes, and 512 GB was more storage than I needed. The 10.5-inch with 256 GB storage fit my needs perfectly, along with the Apple Pencil.

I already have an iPhone 7 and am an "Apple" person with an iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air already in my possession. 

After a bit of research, I found several apps to create photo art. The first one I downloaded was Distressed FX by Cheryl Tarrant. I love this app! There are many textures and overlays to choose from that create art out of just about any photo. The cost is USD 0.99 for the app, and there are several extra textures/overlays to purchase separately for a meager price.

Glaze (free) was the next app I chose to download. This excellent app allows you to from photo to painting in seconds. The only downfall of Glaze is there is no editing option. The workaround is to bring the photo into Photoshop as a layer to control the effects. They do have an add-on for $2.99 to mask out the results, so far I find it a bit difficult to use. 

ProCreate (USD 9.99) is another app I have on my iPad Pro. I have played with this a bit but have yet to use it on a photo. I have used it to sketch and paint on a blank canvas. The brushes are quite nice.

The next app that I downloaded is iColorama (USD 3.99). iColorama is a full featured art app that allows you to create art from photos or scratch. You can paint, apply textures, tone, mask, and more with this app. This is a very powerful app, and I am still learning my way around it. 

Creating with apps has opened a whole new world for me. I found that I can create strictly from my iPhone with images taken on my iPhone (see the first image below for example).  I can also take a photo with my iPhone (or iPad) and create on either my iPhone or iPad and then bring it into Photoshop for more creative editing. Another way to create is to take a photo with my camera, edit in Photoshop, bring it into my iPad and edit with some apps, then bring it back into Photoshop and create some more. The possibilities are endless when using multiple platforms.

There are many tutorials available online to learn each of these apps. YouTube has many and they are free.

Android users don't need to feel left out. Here is a list of great apps for Android users:

  • Snapseed. Both iOS and Android

  • PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage. Both iOS and Android

  • Pixlr. Both iOS and Android

  • Aviary. Both iOS and Android

  • ArtFlow. Android Only

  • ToolWiz Photos Pro Editor. Android Only

  • Photo Lab. Both iOS and Android

If you are interested in learning more about Photo Artistry, I highly recommend the Photoshop Artistry course. This course is where I got my start into this beautiful, creative world.



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