Creative Life


As my year of intense artistic training continues, I am learning more about living a creative life. What this means is I have time blocked out of each day to create. It doesn't matter if I feel like it or not. It means I sit down and start, even it if it taking two photos and using a blend mode to see what happens. What is interesting is that my "muse" will show up and magic does happen. 

When I am not creating I am thinking about creating. It might be the way a tree looks, or the shadows on a building, or a facial expression of someone I don't even know. It all gets me thinking about what to create next.

This month I have been invited to sell my art on Art Boja. This site sells unique art by unique artists. Below are some of the pieces I have for sale in Art Boja. Click here to visit my online store. 

Please know I am still doing photography, so if you are in the Central Florida area either visiting or live here, keep me in mind for your next photo session at a Disney Resort, Universal, SeaWorld, or local area (including your home). 

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