Creating digital art in Photoshop requires layers. Layers are like stacks of paper, some you can see through and some are opaque. Some art pieces have as little as 3 layers, and some have 70 or more! 

Why are layers so important?

  • You can work non-destructively. This means you do not destroy your original photo or background.

  • Layers give you more creative control.

  • You can paint on a layer and adjust it (or delete it) as necessary.

  • You can decide how the layers interact with each other. Using blending modes opens up a whole new world.

  • You can control the opacity of any layer and the resulting effects of your piece.

  • You can work on top of your photo or background, and create copies of that photo or background to do additional work on.

  • You can create a layer mask on any layer to selectively adjust what you want or don't want to show through.

Each of the following photos are a result of 15 or more layers. Each layer has been worked on individually with blending modes, paint, opacity and other creative touches. Once completed I save the stacks of layers as a .psd or .tiff file so I can go in and adjust the piece in the future if I want to. I then flatten the image and save it as a .jpg file.

Mastering layers is a key to creating digital art in Photoshop.

Patricia SaizanComment