Digging Deep


Each month I find myself digging deeper to push my work further and create compositions that are fit for a fine art canvas. This fantastic journey leads to discoveries (for me) every day. Inspiration comes from many places and many people. I find that creativity is infinite and each day is a blank canvas. 

I find myself enjoying many genres and styles. Impressionism and Post Impressionism have captured my attention these past two months. I wanted to achieve this type of style in my photo art and found myself digging very deep to do so. 

In my photo art, I learn from others and take what I have learned and tweaked it to make it my own. Each piece of art I create starts with a photo that I have personally taken. This photo is always the main subject. I will add some elements, pieces, or textures that I have full commercial rights to that are not of my creation. As my journey continues I am building my library of elements, pieces, and textures of my creation to use in my art.

Digging deep is defined as making a lot of effort with one's own resources. In art I am digging deep, finding that extra push to create at a higher level than the day before.

Patricia SaizanComment