Art and Emotion

Let Go, My Soul

Let Go, My Soul

Art and emotions are strongly linked. Each time an artist begins a piece, no matter the media (pencil, fiber, paint, photo, digital, etc.), they are expressing the emotions. The artist is sharing their own life experiences with the viewer. This is done on a subconscious level.

“The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it.” -Vincent Van Gogh

The artist’s goal is to connect with the viewer. This is done on an emotional level. Art influences our feelings. When we connect with a piece of art we do so on an emotional level. Culture also plays a big part in connecting with a piece of art also. For example, Andy Warhol created art depicting Campbell’s soup cans. This would have little to no impact on the tribal people of the Amazon rainforest. Art that stirs an emotional response connects with the viewers life experience.

When I created this image I felt a need to “let go, my soul and trust in God” with my own internal struggles. By creating this I felt a sense of freedom. and relief. I felt a sense of warmth and hope. How does this image make you feel and how do you connect with it?