What is your copyright policy?

Copyright Notice

All works of art and photography on this site are copyrighted by Patricia Saizan.   Any copying, redistribution, reproduction of any photography or artwork on this site is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization from the copyright owner (Patricia Saizan).

How To Obtain Authorized Usage Permission

If you are interested in licensing any content on this site please contact me directly.

Unauthorized Usage

Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to, the following:  

  1. Downloading and saving images

  2. Printing images 

  3. Downloading, altering the image in any way or form, sharing the image in any media and claiming it as your own.

  4. Use of image for display on any website or publication

Fee Schedule for Unauthorized Usage

The following fees will be paid to Pat Saizan for any unauthorized use as defined in “Unauthorized Usage.”

  1. $5000 per image for the first violation.

  2. $5000 per image for for each additional violation.  

  3. In addition to the above fees the infringing party will remove all images from display.

Responsibility for Legal Fees

If the infringer refuses the actions set forth under “Fee Schedule for Unauthorized Usage”, Pat Saizan reserves the right to pursue legal action. The infringer will be responsible for all legal fees.